My name is Caroline. After a childhood of regular moves [oh hey, Air Force brat life!] and another decade of pushing away the idea of roots, it's recently hit me just how much I love this little city.

I'm constantly awe-struck by the amazing talent, passion, and creativity of the people in this city and am forever on the lookout for someone willing to dork out with me about a new cookbook, a favorite food podcast, and what they ate this weekend, [...or rag on whatever goofy unitasking kitchen tool pops up in conversation.]

I graduated with a degree in community health education and spend my time with my favorite adventure buddies - my toddler son, my husband, and our Bernese Mountain Dog.

slcFLAKE is a place to share my favorite things about food and life in Salt Lake City. All opinions are my own and all photographs are my own unless otherwise noted.

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