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Finca's Flowers For Aida Cocktail :: Libretti and Libations Aida

Finca :: Flowers for Aida,, Utah Opera Libretti and Libations

Since semi-recently moving a little closer to downtown, I have loved having the chance to grab a drink, a coffee, or a bite - or on a great night, all three, at Finca. Bar Manager, Natalie Hamilton has created yet another stunning, interesting, and delicious cocktail for Libretti and Libations.

Finca flowers for Aida slcFLAKE-5

Finca's cocktail for this round of Libretti and Libations is called Flowers for Aida - ransom old tom gin // lillet blanc // lemongrass syrup // orange bitters // hibiscus ice cubes // edible flowers.

It borders between dry and sweet - never approaching cloying. Floral without being perfumey. It's refreshing, but substantial. And most of all - I can hardly take a sip without wanting to rescue my favorite sundress from the depths of my closet and bask in some sunshine for a hot second. It starts off a beautiful rosy-peachy-straw hue and slowly cascades into an almost fluorescent magenta as the hibiscus ice cube melts, letting those lemony, berry-tinged floral notes shine through along the way.

Pretend you didn't hear that it's forecast to snow in two days. Spring is coming and you're going to want a sip of this to welcome it on by.

Finca flowers for Aida slcFLAKE-3

Finca flowers for Aida slcFLAKE-4

Finca flowers for Aida slcFLAKE-2

Finca boquerone slcFLAKE
A few bites from the Pinxtos menu - Boquerone [white anchovy, piperade, chevre, crostini, $2] and Bikini [brioche, leonora cheese, truffle honey, $2]

327 W 200 S // Salt Lake City
M-Th: 11am-10pm
Fri: 11am-Midnight
Sat: 10am-Midnight
Sun: 10am-10pm

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This post is part of a series featuring cocktails from Utah Opera and Salt Lake Magazine's Libretti and Libations. Try an Aida-inspired cocktail and post a photo to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #UtahOperaSips by March 16 to be entered to win a pair of tickets to Utah Opera's production of Aida!

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