Saturday, February 20, 2016

Brunch at Manoli's :: Local, Seasonal Greek-inspired Brunch in Salt Lake's Central 9th Neighborhood

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Manoli's slc website header
*photo via Manoli's website 

Choosing a spot to grab brunch in this town is starting to become damn near impossible... or at least, damn near anxiety provoking (<--- it's like "can't have your cake and eat it too" syndrome, but "can't eat your brunch _here_ and have it at Pago, Copper Onion, Provisions, Rye, Current, and about two dozen other places too." I don't get to go out nearly as often as I used to, so choosing a brunch spot of the month instead of a spot of the weekend is extra tough, but with so many damn delicious restaurants about town - and something new always opening on the horizon! - it's really, truly hard to go wrong. Unless you go to some pancake conglomerate. Don't do that.

The buzz about Manoli's has been strong from the moment they opened in late September 2015. Located in a sleek, modern building at 402 E 900 S in the newly booming Central 9th neighborhood [across from Pig and a Jelly Jar and adjacent to Southeast Market - one of my favorite places to find exotic produce or Asian staples you might now find on your supermarket's shelf.] With a focus on fresh, seasonal, ingredients with a modern Greek influence, it isn't difficult to see why they've become such a fast favorite. I mean, Lamb Belly Sliders? Sign me up yesterday.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Publik Kitchen :: A New Breakfast Spot From Salt Lake's Favorite Toast Maker

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Publik Kitchen slcFLAKE

Last weekend I had the chance to grab breakfast with friends at Publik's newest enterprise - Publik Kitchen. Located square in the center of Salt Lake's beloved 9th and 9th neighborhood in the bungalow which previously housed 9th So. Delicatessen, Publik Kitchen is both humble and bustling with energy. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bourbon-soaked Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies with Rye Flour


Bourbon Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies slcFLAKE These are my very favorite cookies. Dried Montmorency cherries plumped up by a good soak in some bourbon. Just enough rye flour to add a touch of texture and the ability to feign wholesomeness. Chewy center. Crispy edges. Toffee vibes packed with a combo of milk and bittersweet chocolate chips. Expect any more from a cookie and I'll call you a greedy maniac.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Boulevardier :: You're Only 3 Ingredients and 60 Seconds Away From this Classic Cocktail

:: Boulevardier :: Bourbon + Campari + Sweet Vermouth

Boulevardier - classic cocktail, stirred. bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth. slcFLAKE

The basics  - I love an evening cocktail, but I'm often short on time, short on ingredients, or need to keep it quick and quiet so I don't wake my sleeping toddler. Queue - stirred cocktails. Silky, strong, and delicious. [This article from Serious Eats is a great primer on how to stir cocktails and how to do it well.]

Boulevardiers are one of my favorites. Bourbon! Campari! Sweet Vermouth! You'll find a dozen flowery posts rejoicing the comeback they've made in recent years  - see: LA Weekly and Serious Eats. Part Manhattan, part Negroni. I love both, but Manhattans can be heavy and cloying and Negronis are bitter as hell and can feel out of place in winter. Even if you don't love either, you might be amazed by what the amalgamation of the two yields.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Three Pines Coffee :: Gallivan Avenue, SLC

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I first heard about Three Pines Coffee on their last day at their cart, hosted at Liberty Heights Fresh and I was just shy of enough time to stop by. Fortunately, excitement trumped disappointment when I heard they were soon opening a brick and mortar location. 

Now open for just two weeks and located at the epicenter of downtown Salt Lake City, Three Pines is a nook of a spot not to be missed. Tucked away in a shared corner of From Scratch, Meg Frampton and Nick Price capitalize on their small bit of soon-to-be bustling L-shaped Gallivan Avenue. With 2014's opening of From Scratch (whose ingredients are local and from scratch in a very literal and delicious way!) and recently Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen, It is so exciting to see some development finally taking hold between State St and the Wells Fargo Building. 
4oz espresso + milk

Much like their space and logo, the menu at Three Pines is clean and simple, unadulterated with hyper-saccharine, blended novelties. Instead you'll find a series of espresso and milk sizes [featuring beans from Portland favorite, Heart Roasters,] house-made almond milk, match lightly sweetened with vanilla syrup, and chai. Every drink I've had so far has been poured skill and attention to detail. Super delicious. I'm excited to buy a bag of Heart's beans to play with at home. Keep an eye out for drink specials in the future. The bitters and floral-inspired coffee and tea beverages that have been popping up recently are some of my favorites and I'm eager to see what Three Pines brings on that front. 
Three Pines menu via

Don't be put off by the small square footage Three Pines inhabits. While it's a great location to grab a cup to go and be on your way, seating is available at From Scratch outside of From Scratch's own business hours [From Scratch is open M-F 11:30-3:00. M-Th 5:00-9:30, Fri-Sat 5:00-10:30.] Though the area will need to be cleared half an hour before From Scratch opens, it's perfect for cozying up with a book or cards or catching up with a good friend over a few pastries while the light pours in from the giant windows - one of the more urban views in the city! And those pastries!! Made by From Scratch's bakery, their blueberry muffin was the stuff dreams are made of and the scone I tried was just as delicious. Dense crumb, but not heavy; tender, and flavorful; substantial enough to seem like a reasonable breakfast choice, but decadent enough to feel like a total treat - I talked about that muffin for days until my husband brought me another from his visit during lunch. I haven't have the chance to try their coconut crumb donut, but I have it on good authority that it's a damn fine treat.

In short, while Salt Lake has no shortage of fantastic coffee shops, Three Pines Coffee is a welcome addition. 

:: Through February, check in on Yelp and receive $1 off your drink! ::

Three Pines Coffee
62 E. Gallivan Avenue // Salt Lake City
Open 7 days a week
M-Th 7am-6pm // Fri: 7am-8pm // Sat & Sun: 8am-6pm 

Three Pines Coffee 4oz espresso and milk square fit
Tamp made by SLC local, Saint Anthony Industries

Three Pines Coffee Chai SipsThree Pines Coffee Chai Sips