Thursday, February 11, 2016

Publik Kitchen :: A New Breakfast Spot From Salt Lake's Favorite Toast Maker

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Publik Kitchen slcFLAKE

Last weekend I had the chance to grab breakfast with friends at Publik's newest enterprise - Publik Kitchen. Located square in the center of Salt Lake's beloved 9th and 9th neighborhood in the bungalow which previously housed 9th So. Delicatessen, Publik Kitchen is both humble and bustling with energy. 

Publik Kitchen slcFLAKE
Their menu is modestly sized, but has everything you want in a casual neighborhood breakfast spot - serving the same great locally-roasted coffee and much-loved toast options as their flagship central 9th location with classic additions like potatoes, bacon, and eggs [choose the Publik Breakfast for your choice of toast, bacon or sausage, and two eggs.] In addition to the traditional menu options, they're serving a few breakfasts options that are otherwise good... but on Publik's chubby slices of toasted bread from Park City's Red Bicycle Breadworks, they have the potential to be extraordinary; ex: Publik French Toast [mocha bread, powdered sugar, Vermon maple syrup] and Toast and Gravy [peasant toast, country potatoes, sausage gravy, and one egg.] 

I ordered the BLT [peasant toast, thick-cut bacon, butter lettuce, fresh tomato* served with a side salad] with an added egg. When asked if I wanted my egg fried I said yes without clarifying a preference for sunny side up or over easy, and by default a hard egg arrived, but even despite no runny yolk it was the best BLT I've ever ordered. I almost skipped it - tomatoes in February are just too sad, but though the menu says "fresh tomato" I'm almost certain they used the Heirloom Tomato Jam from Amour Spreads. That ever-so-subtle sweetness paired with perfectly crisp, but not shattery Dailey's bacon was so. damn. good. Even the side salad was incredible. 
Publik Kitchen slcFLAKE

Everyone else in our party ordered the Publik Breakfast and Huddy just about lost his mind for "TOAST TY-EEEM" ...he was equally enthusiastic for "COFFEE TY-EEEM" every time our cups were refilled. 
Publik Kitchen slcFLAKE

Publik Kitchen slcFLAKE

from Publik's website and menu

With local-centric ethos like that, Publik Kitchen is sure to be one of Salt Lake's casual breakfast darlings in no time... as if we weren't already smitten with that plush, Amour Spread-slathered toast. Friendly service, priced well for the quality, in a lovely stroll-worthy neighborhood with good coffee, house-made granola and baked goods - we'll certainly be back soon. If you make it there for a meal or bite, I'd love to hear what you ordered and what you thought of it! 

Other exciting news - Publik Coffee's new Avenues location at 502 E 3rd Ave set to open tomorrow, Friday February 11!

Publik Kitchen
931 E 900 S // Salt Lake City, UT 84105
M-F 7am-3:30pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4:30pm

Publik Kitchen slcFLAKE

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