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Under Current SLC's Egyptian Escape :: Libretti and Libations Aida

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Under Current's Egyptian Escape *Under Current logo via their website, -here-

It seems wrong to lead into the cocktails for this round of Libretti and Libations - Aida edition with a drink that won me over so completely upon first sip - it's basically the "You had me at hello." of craft cocktails.

Just under a year shy of their one year anniversary of opening and Under Current is slaying in all the best ways. Bar manager Amy Eldredge is a downright gem - honestly, I'm constantly on guard that she's going to pack up her bags and migrate to another city, leaving a trail of sobbing craft cocktail enthusiasts behind in her wake. Colossal menus are normally something to be wary of, but when I heard of Under Current's recent expansion to 60 page cocktail menu I was tempted to order an Uber on the spot. If you have a hard time deciding from such a vast spread - classic cocktails! Absinthe cocktails! Tiki cocktails! - the staff is incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Alejandro - @jandroinslc - shaking up something fierce

Under Current's contribution to Aida's run of Libretti and Libations is the Egyptian Escape - lemon // strega liqueur // maraschino liqueur // rye // cardamom bitters // grapefruit twist. Reminiscent of two of my all-time favorites - The Final Ward [rye // green chartreuse // lemon // maraschino,] created by Phil Ward of the Pegu Club in New York City, which is a riff on the classic Last Word [gin // green chartreuse // maraschino // lime] - no wonder the Egyptian Escape pushed all the right buttons.

What sets the Egyptian Escape apart from just a spin on the two aforementioned drinks is Eldredge's use of Cardamom Bitters and Strega. The cardamom sings through without overpowering and the Strega! This was my first experience with Strega and I was so(!!) thrilled to hear Under Current will likely be bringing it into rotation on their menu in the coming months. An Italian digestif, made and aged in ash barrels since 1860 with heavy notes of saffron, juniper, and mint - Strega is such an interesting liqueur. [This article from has some great recipe links for other cocktails featuring Strega.]

It's a balanced blend of sweet-bitter-sour-fantastic and so worth trying before Libretti and Libations is over.

Under Current
279 S 300 E // Salt Lake City
open daily, 4pm-1am

This post is part of a series featuring cocktails from Utah Opera and Salt Lake Magazine's Libretti and Libations. Try an Aida-inspired cocktail and post a photo to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #UtahOperaSips by March 16 to be entered to win a pair of tickets to Utah Opera's production of Aida!

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  1. 1. I need an Egyptian Escape. 2. 60 cocktails? Apparently I need more than just one. 3. This sounds like he perfect spot for a mama date. 5. I miss you!


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